25-05-1863: Post Office buildings, Bourke Street, Melbourne.

The Argus, Melbourne, 25th May 1863, page 4.

“The large transparency exhibited on the rejoicings day, at the New Post-office-buildings, by the contractors, Messrs. T. Glaster and Co., was lit up again on Saturday evening. This transparency was not noticed in our columns on Wednesday, and we may, therefore, now mention that it is constructed of glass, and measures twelve feet by seven. In the centre are full-length portraits of the Prince and Princess, and at the base are the Royal arms. The figures are surrounded by an elaborate border of flowers, and surmounted with the Prince of Wales’s feather, and two flying cupids, bearing the motto, “Ich Dien”. The transparency is the work of Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, glass stainers, North Melbourne. At the Protestant Hall, transparencies were exhibited in which the arms of England and Denmark appeared, together with loyal mottoes. At Mr. R. D. Harte’s, Queen-street, there was an illumination with variegated lamps in oil, displaying the Prince and Princess of Wales and a loyal motto”.

The post office was completed in 1867 and gutted by fire 12th September 2001. Nothing further known about the window.

Historical images of the Melbourne Post Office, Bourke street, c.1890, from State Library Collections, others from my recent expeditions to the city.

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