31-03-1863: St Paul’s, Humfray St, Bakery Hill, Ballarat, Victoria.

Ferguson & Urie fit the western window of St Paul’s Ballarat.

The Star, Ballarat, Tuesday 31st March 1863, page 2.

“During the last week the tracery of the western window of St. Paul’s Church has been fitted with stained glass, more in harmony with that in the eastern or chancel window. This latter – the first of the kind erected in Ballarat – was executed by Messrs Ferguson and Urie, of Melbourne, who have furnished the following description:- “The triplet window in the chancel is designed in accordance with the style of the recent additions to the building, that of the latter half of the fourteenth century – a period of transition from the decorated, or middle pointed style, into the perpendicular. It is filled in with a pattern in keeping with the principals of the glass painters of that period. Their details were taken from flowers and leaves. So in this design is seen the passion flower and its leaf; the vine, maple, and thistle leaves. In the top piece of tracery is the Paschal lamb and banner, and in the largest piece of tracery are monograms of our Saviour. The label in the centre of the window – emblazoned with the text “Blessed are they that dwell in Thy House, they will be still praising The” – is twisted round a floriated cross on a rich blue background”. We observe that the decorations of the chancel are not yet completed, but hope the committee will soon be able to accomplish this remaining part of the work.”

In 1864 the first church collapsed when the ground beneath subsided due to underground mining and heavy rain. The extant brick church was then reconstructed on more stable ground only a few meters to the west of the collapsed church, with the surviving tower now at the rear. The Ferguson & Urie chancel window was re-positioned in the new church in 1864-65.

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