24-06-1862: St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Humfray St, Bakery Hill, Ballarat.

The Star, Ballarat, Tuesday 24th June 1862, page 2.

“Our churches naturally attract attention, less from an architectural point of view than from their social importance. The congregation of St. Paul’s Anglican Church has lately completed very considerable enlargements of that building, and mainly through the liberality of some of the wealthier members, furnished it with a square tower, which, though it does not itself command any very extensive view, forms a conspicuous and picturesque relief to the uniform want of elevation in the surrounding buildings. The building is of brick after a design by Mr Terry, in the latest period of pointed architecture. The decorations within have mostly been executed by Mr St.Quentin, and stained glass in the principal window has been presented by Mr. T. Robson, of Sturt street, and Messrs Ferguson and Urie, of Melbourne […].”

St Pauls Bakery Hill Ballarat

The Ferguson & Urie chancel window at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Humfray Street Ballarat. Photo: Ray Brown 17 Mar 2011.

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