01-03-1862: St Paul’s Church, Bakery Hill, Ballarat.

The Star, Ballarat, Vic, Saturday 1st March 1862, page 2.

“We are informed that a very handsome stained glass window is about to be placed in the chancel of St. Paul’s Church. The centre light is the gift of Mr Thos. Robson, of Sturt street; the side ones have been provided for by private contributions, and those enclosed by the tracery have been presented to the church by the Melbourne Stained Glass Company. When completed the window will have a very rich and elegant appearance. We understand that Mr St. Quentin, of Dawson street, has undertaken to execute the decorations of the chancel, and other parts of the building. Divine service, as will be seen by an advertisement in another portion of the paper, is held at present, and will be held until further notice, in the new Town Hall, Barkly street”.

The Melbourne Stained Glass company mentioned was ‘Ferguson & Urie’ and Thomas Robson was the Ballarat agent for the company.

St Pauls Bakery Hill Ballarat

Detail: ‘Blessed are they that dwell in the house they will be still praising thee. Psalms 84 Verse 4’.

St Pauls Bakery Hill Ballarat

Chancel window at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Humfray Street Ballarat.

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