03-04-1863: Holy Trinity Church, Kew, Melbourne, Victoria.

The South Bourke Standard, Friday 3rd April 1863, page 2

 “Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, glass stainers, North Melbourne, have just completed the stained glass windows for the chancel of Trinity Church, Kew. The centre light contains an elaborately executed emblem of the Trinity, in which the three primary colours only are used. In the top of the same light is the word “Jehova” inscribed in Hebrew characters. The principal medallion in the dexter light has the “Agnus dei” – that sinister light the “Dove”, each surmounted by an appropriate monogram. The ground work is of cathedral tints, enriched with early English ornament, all the details of which is emblematic of the Trinity. – Herald”

This is one of the rare few Ferguson & Urie windows that has the company name on it.

Photos taken 2nd January 2011.

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