26-03-1862: A NEW BRANCH OF THE ART. John Lamb Lyon joins Ferguson & Urie.

The Mercury, Hobart, Wednesday 26th March 1862, page 3.

“A NEW BRANCH OF THE ART.- As we are always ready to notice the development of colonial industry, we have much pleasure in calling attention to a new branch of art which has been commenced in Melbourne, vis., that of glass staining. Messrs Ferguson and Urie, of Curzon-street, North Melbourne, have the credit of initiating it, and we had the opportunity yesterday of seeing on the premises some beautiful specimens of the art. The expence[sic] of importing stained glass windows, which is augmented by the risk of breakage, may account for the absence, generally speaking, of this kind of decoration in our churches, but this difficulty is obviated by the fact that Messrs. Ferguson and Co, have engaged the services of a competent artist in this difficult and useful art. Mr Lyon, to whom we refer, has not long been in the colony, and has had a lengthened experience in his profession at home and judging from the specimens of his talent now to be seen at Messrs. Ferguson and Urie’s, we should suppose that those who require this description of decoration will find no difficulty in future in carrying out their designs. – Herald.”.

Lyon had  joined Ferguson & Urie in late 1861 or very early 1862 after spending some time in the gold fields near Maldon in central Victoria. By 1866 he was advertised as a partner and the company name began appearing as “Ferguson, Urie, and Lyon”. In 1873 Lyon left the partnership and headed for Sydney where he entered into partnership with Daniel Cottier as “Lyon & Cottier”, Sydney.

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