07-01-1863: St. Mark’s, Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria.

The Church of St Mark, Collingwood (now Fitzroy), was consecrated on Tuesday the 6th January 1863. A newspaper article published the following day makes mention of Ferguson & Urie preparing the designs for three stained glass windows that were to be memorials to the churches benefactor Mr. Richard Grice. It would appear that this never occurred as there is no stained glass window in the church that bears the name Grice, nor is there any other stained glass by Ferguson.

The Argus, Melbourne, Wednesday 7th January 1863, page 5.

“[…] It is contemplated to perpetuate the recollection of his munificence by erecting three stained-glass windows in the church, the designs of which have been prepared by Messrs. Ferguson and Urie […]”

Fifteen years later, in June 1878, it was reported;

“…It was at one time proposed to beautify the church by a set of stained windows in acknowledgement of the unprecedented liberality of R. Grice, Esq., who has contributed some ten of twelve thousand pounds to the church and parish – nothing, however, but the drawings, has been done…” [1]


The community hall adjacent to the St Mark’s church has a rare set of stained glass windows depicting children’s fairy tales by famous author and illustrator Ida Rentoul Outhwaite who has a distant family connection to James Ferguson’s granddaughter Elsie May Auld who’s husband, John Noel Rentoul, was Ida’s brother.

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