22-09-1860: Taranaki Relief Fund

When the Native Insurrection occurred in New Plymouth, New Zealand, the inhabitants of Melbourne subscribed liberally to Taranaki Relief Fund for the benefit of the suffering settlers.The sum collected, amounting to nearly £3,000, was placed in the hands of the committee formed of the most influental citizens of Melbourne. Amongst the extensive list of prominent North Melbourne identities was included “Ferguson,Urie” as well as other names closely associated with the firm Ferguson & Urie.

The Argus, Melbourne, Saturday 22nd September 1860, page 5.


 “A meeting of the inhabitants of Hotham was held last evening, at the Iron Store, Errol-street, for the purpose of organising a committee to collect subscriptions in aid of the sufferers through the rebellion of the natives of New Zealand […]”

 “[…] Councillor King moved the first resolution, as follows:-

‘That, in the opinion of this meeting, the privations now being endured by the volunteers, militia, and their families, and the destitution of other colonists in New Plymouth, caused by the rebellion of the Maoris in that province, loudly call for prompt sympathy and aid from the inhabitants of Hotham […]”

 “Councillor Cook moved the next resolution, as follows:-

‘That a committee be appointed for the purpose of collecting from the inhabitants of the district, contributions, either of money or suitable goods, in aid of the sufferers by the rebellion in New Plymouth; such committee to consists of […]”

The Argus, Melbourne, Saturday 22nd September 1860, page 5.


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