05-07-1862: Coppin’s Apollo Music Hall Opening Night.

The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 4th July 1862, page 8.


 “The opening of the first music hall erected in the metropolis of Australia supplies a vacuity prejudicial to the musical tastes of the city. The present magnificent Building, erected by Mr. G. Conwell, under the supervision of P. Conlon, Esq, occupies 5,000 feet, is 22 feet high, and has been constructed with scientific regard to acoustics …”

…The Chaste Parisian Decorations are by Mr. J. Hennings and assistants. The Three Principal Chandeliers Are constructed with upwards of 3,600 pieces of crystal. The Splendid Mirrors contain upwards of 600 feet of plate glass. The Stained Glass Windows, By Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, are excellent specimens of colonial manufacture.”

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